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shut up

2009-02-17 20:14:28 by yoshi565

shut up


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2009-02-17 23:41:50

Heh-heh-heh. You have no power.

yoshi565 responds:

in newgrounds no but youtube I HAVE THE POWER


2009-02-19 20:04:39

Nobody cares about youtube, and you and your..... attitude..... needs to be taken care of.


2009-02-22 04:34:10

If you want people to shut up and be nice, you kinda have to be nice 1st. Not many people are going to be nice to a jerk, but if your nice or have reasons behind your hatred then its a different story. If you don't want people to be mean to you, you can't be mean to them, you understand. So, I'll give you a hug and hope you feel better ^___^

yoshi565 responds:

I was originally nice then 3 uploads hen bam one hit two hits OVER 9,000 in a bad way but originally I was nice


2009-02-22 04:51:26

Grow up kid.

yoshi565 responds:

I'm 12


2009-02-22 05:02:34

Commencing stage one of shutting up ;

chewing off my own tongue ;

cutting out larynx ;

sewing up my mouth ;

operation complete.


yoshi565 responds:

lol that's funny


2009-02-23 18:09:01

hey why dont you leave this guy alone hes got cool videos on youtube comin :P